Australian Cattle Dogs

The Australian Cattle Dogs name implies the dogs main function, to herd cattle. The Australian dog will work to carry out any task, no matter what that task might be.

Australian Cattle Dogs originate in Australia, developed for herding cattle. Other names include Blue Heeler, Red Heeler and Queensland Heeler. They are medium in size, short haired and have a lot of energy.

This breed is known as Hall’s Heelers, derived from breeding Hall’s Dover dogs a blue smooth Highland Collie with a dingo, they were also known as Merlin or Blue Heelers.

Dalmatian were introduced for gentleness but they lost herding ability. Black and Tan Kelpies were introduced to bring back the Heelers herding instincts.

The Australian Cattle Dogs main function is to move and control cattle. They drive them by nipping at their heels or tails. They are also known for herding other animals.

The Australian Cattle Dog is very smart and independent, they can also be bossy. They need plenty of exercise, and are always alert with devotion to their job. They have a willingness to carry out any task, no matter what the task might be.  The book 8 State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog is a good example of what an  Australian Cattle Dog will do to carry out its task.  

The Australian Cattle Dog will work with other dogs it knows, if you put in a situation where it feels threatened, it will become aggressive towards other unknown dogs.

Australian Dogs are very organized, they are known to pick up after themselves and will pick up after other dogs. If the owner has an area for possessions, they will put back whatever was taken out. 

When you look at Australian Cattle Dogs you will see how muscular and athletic its’ appearance is. This is a must for it to work effectively. Tail are long and carried low with a little white on the tip. They are sometimes docked to avoid injuries in the field.

The Life span of Australian Cattle Dogs is between 11 to 15 years. Common health problems are deafness, hip and elbow dysphasia and arthritis.  With  1-800-PetMeds - Get the *Guaranteed Lowest Prices* and Free Shipping for all your Pet's Health Care needs! Frontline, Advantage, Heartgard, and more!

People who have this breed of Australian Heeler make them part of the family, they are very loyal. Australian Cattle Dogs bond closely with their family and want to be involved in everything they do.   Go to SHEPLERS-The World's Largest Online Western Store for all your cowboy and cattle dog needs. 


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