Blue or Red Heelers

Blue Heelers and Red Heelers are other names for the Australian Cattle Dog. Blue and Red are their main coat colors. They also have patches over one or both eyes.

Heeler puppies are born white and grow darker as they get older. This is believed to be inherited from the Dalmatian ancestry.

Heelers coats are course and oily with a fine woolly under coat. They have two main colors for their coats, Red and Blue. In both cases the colors are not solid.

Heelers have patches of solid colors or a mask over one or both eyes. The mask is what stands out. Blue, Blue-Black for Blue Heelers or Red for Red Heelers.

Red is the genetically dominate color in Heelers. It is a mix of red and white hairs making a ginger color. Patches on the body should also be red.

Blue is the more common color. The coat has a bluish appearance caused by mottling of Black, Gray and White hairs. Technically they are Blue Merles, meaning their coat is Blue all over with markings on their legs, chest and under coat.

Most dogs have a stripe or spot of white hair in the center of forehead and on their chest called the Bentley Mark. Pure bred dogs owned by Tom Bentley passed on this distinctive mark.

The coat of a Heeler should be even in color, same in the coat patterns of speckle and mottle. These show in both red and blue coats and are less common. Speckle is a dark coat with a heavy mix of white speckles or small spots. Mottle is a light white coat with regularly placed areas of dark color showing up as spots. Both variations are considered unusual and uncommon.

Size of the Blue and Red Heeler should be between 17 to 19 inches at the withers for females and 18 to 20 inches for males. Dogs in good condition should weigh between 30 to 40 lbs.

For some who have Blue Heelers, colors must be even for showing, Most people have Heelers for herding or pets and that is more important than coat markings.  Have a new puppy? Sign up for Drs. Foster and Smith's new email series: Puppy Care Today! Everything you need to know about a new puppy through each stage!
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